• CPE 135A

    DescriptionCPE135A is mainly used as an impact modifier for rigid PVC. Three-dimensional network str

  • CPE 36PV

    DescriptionWhen compare with normal CPE grade, CPE 36PV can first improve impact strength of finishe

  • CM 135B

    DescriptionCM 135B is a saturated thermoplastic elastomer, having almost no crystallization. As its

  • CM 3680

    DescriptionCM 3680 with medium molecular weight and medium Mooney Viscosity (between 75-85) shows go

  • CM 3695

    DescriptionCM 3695 with high molecular weight and high Mooney Viscosity (between 87-103) obtains goo

  • CM 1401

    CM 1401

    DescriptionCM 1401 is a random and saturated thermoplastic elastomer with minimal residual crystal.

  • CPE 130A

    DescriptionCPE 130A is a Chlorinated Polyethylene thermoplastic elastomer with high-efficiency and f