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Styrene plant in 2013 to achieve "good year"

2013 " harvest " , high-profit high load styrene plant. 2013 is a feature of the styrene market prices high, which makes the production enterprises in the year earned pours . In this Editor's roughly the annual gross profit for the manufacturers to do an analysis . According to experts, from the annual trend, except for the first quarter due to poor market fundamentals around the Spring Festival , styrene market prices fell causing a loss outside the factory , the production company has maintained a good profit margins, which peaked at July to August , which is also the high point of the styrene market price , then the most profitable factory close to 2,000 yuan / ton.

From raw material benzene , ethylene price, a quarter of the raw material prices are generally at a high level each year , manufacturers difficult to achieve profits. After the second quarter , prices of raw materials into the downstream channel , where benzene is a long period of low consolidation , this time it was the other hand, styrene prices move inversely pull up sharply , giving manufacturers ample profit margins , so the Asian and domestic styrene factories maintain high load operation , and even part of the plant to take in order to ensure the production of gold delayed overhaul period. 2013 National SM production enterprises operating rate reaches approximately 70% , representing an increase of 3 percentage points. If the removal of new construction equipment and long-term parking device factors , domestic SM average operating rate can reach 75%. SM 2013 domestic production is expected to reach about 4.9 million tons , an increase of around 36 million tons.





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