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Methanol prices callback short-term trend is still too much

After continued to rebound in early 18, methanol futures intraday more substantial callback. But analysts believe that, in the short term price trend is still too many methanol.

As of the close, methanol futures 1405 main contract fell 2.14%, to close at 3023 yuan / ton. The highest intraday to 3095 yuan / ton, fell to the lowest 3010 yuan / ton. Full day turnover of 99000 hand, increased nearly 23000 over the previous trading day.

The analysis thinks, 18 methanol was mainly continued to rise early after the callback finishing. Previously, methanol futures influenced by railway freight prices and surprisingly strong January credit and social financing scale data and continued strong.

The short term, with the postganglionic downstream demand recovery, the market will be a replenishment market; and the recent rain and snow weather on transportation to bring some constraints, these factors will cause the supply and demand tension or.

Wanda futures analyst Zhao Fei that the short-term trend of methanol, and suggested that "recent price comparison for companies to sell insurance at".

But as the weather gets warmer, the natural gas supply pressure is reduced, methanol imported to Hong Kong volume is expected to rise, causing prices feed port. Under the influence of this expectation, futures market price or will to some extent bearing.





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