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Circulation test of the fertilizer industry costs

The national development and Reform Commission recently issued "on issues related to the adjustment of railway freight notice", decided from February 15th, adjustment of railway freight rate, based on the unified freight business line freight rate adjustment, the average price level of goods per ton kilometers increased 1.5 points, railway freight pricing by the government to government guidance prices. Reporter recently interviewed several chemical fertilizer enterprises to understand, chemical fertilizer enterprises have begun to implement the new freight standard since February 15th, the average price per ton kilometer by 1.54 points.

Railway transport is an important way of chemical fertilizer transport, market reform of railway freight attention in chemical fertilizer enterprise. Although in recent years the railway freight after several adjustments, fertilizer increased, but the price was the industry as fertilizer railroad freight rate marketization reform real departure. According to the price adjustment notice, all kinds of chemical fertilizer price per ton kilometer line from 0.0976 yuan to 0.113 yuan; other country iron business lines and rail holdings joint venture railway freight ton kilometers of fertilizer, the implementation of 0.0976 yuan, adjusted to 0.113 yuan per ton kilometer, average rate by 1.54 points.

Railway tariff increase transport costs. Jiangsu Huachang Chemical strategic planning minister Li Haofeng said, the Golmud Railway Station to the south of Wuxi as an example, the national railway transportation distance 3715 kilometers, per vehicle (60 tons) of potash railroad freight (not including the cost of loading and unloading, special line charges) rose from 15105 yuan to 18016.9 yuan per ton, equivalent to the freight rose 48.53 yuan, up 19.3%. In the chemical fertilizer market downturn, production enterprises will not increase the cost of transfer to the downstream, only rely on their own skills, further reduce this cost.

Understand according to the reporter, the railway freight market reform trend, chemical fertilizer enterprises are most concerned about is the next step will be how to change. In 2013 August, the State Council issued "on the reform of the railway investment and financing system to accelerate railway construction opinions" put forward clearly, to the railway freight prices gradually by the government pricing to government guidance prices, increasing price elasticity. Railway freight rate of market reform's goal is to eventually establish dynamic adjustment mechanism of railway freight transport price with the highway freight price changes, market expectations for 1 ∶ 3 price relationships. Market analysts pointed out, the later railway freight prices still have room for upward adjustment.

At present, agricultural fertilizer from the railway construction fund is one of the preferential policies on the chemical fertilizer industry, and general cargo railway construction fund 3.3 per ton kilometer. If the next step on the railway construction fund, effects on the chemical fertilizer production and circulation of the greater.

For the fertilizer industry to implement railway tariff concessions, part of the chemical fertilizer enterprises think its role has been discounted. Yanzhou coal supply and marketing general manager of the company chemical fertilizer Department Meng Lingjun that, from a practical point of view, chemical fertilizer only and other commodity rate standards to make deliveries more smoothly, to ensure market supply. Li Haofeng said, for the domestic potash fertilizer, phosphate fertilizer, from the northwest to the north, northeast and other places, due to lack of capacity, regardless of whether to cancel the railway tariff concessions, transportation is still restricted by the.





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